Comparative Visualization

Album Information

Catalog #: GRD-9648
Barcode: D 110014 (BMG Club)
Matrix: GRD9648 5_92 2DA3

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)

Barcode: 011105964821
Matrix: 5 GRD 9648-2 SRC-01 M365l

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)


One of the lower priority goals I have with my CD collection is replacing all my BMG club CDs with retail versions.  Before I had created the CDWaveform utility, I was never sure that the club version was any better or worse than the retail version.  In this example, I can see that there is no significant difference.  I will still continue to prefer retail versions over club versions when adding to my collection, but will only bother replacing existing CDs when the price is right.