Comparative Visualization

Album Information

Catalog #: MCAD- 5816
Barcode: 076732581629
Matrix: MCAD-5816 1D MFD BY JVC

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)

Matrix: MCAD5616 3/89 1DA5

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)


I own a full collection of the MCA Master Series discs and I have had varying ambitions to have a second full set.  So when I can, I pick up cheap CDs from the series.  I’ve had these two CDs for a while and never thought much about them.  The matrix codes are different showing they were pressed in different plants.  The one matrix has 3/89 in it, which may indicate the time of pressing.

The waveforms don’t show much variance, so it is probably mild EQ differences.