Comparative Visualization

Album Information

Catalog #: D 101885 (BMG Club)
Barcode: D 101885
Matrix: 2 507-2 SRC-08 ARC *M6 S2

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)

Matrix: Y1452 2 507-2 RE-1 01 M1S9

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)


This is an interesting case.  I purchased another copy of this album trying to replace my club version with a retail copy.  While the case was a retail case with normal barcode, the disc inside was marked with the BMG catalog number.  The waveform shows this scenario is even stranger.  Two BMG discs with completely different mastering.

The answer lies in the matrix codes.  The Y1452 version indicates it is a reissue (RE-1).  The matrix also tells us one disc was pressed from Mother #6, Stamper #2 and the other from Mother #1, Stamper #9.