Comparative Visualization

Album Information

Catalog #: CDEPC 26808
Barcode: 5099702680820
Matrix: CDEPC 26808 11A1 +++++

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)

Catalog #: EK 40241
Barcode: 07464402412
Matrix: DIDP 070321 6

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)


Here’s a case of the same album released in two different regions, resulting in a different catalog number and barcode, not to mention matrix.  The CDEPC version was made in Austria, and the DIDP version was made in USA.  The cover is even different between them, with “Europe” solid white in the US version and “chromed” in the Austrian version.

Despite all these differences, the mastering is near the same.  There may be some EQ differences, but they would probably be subtle.