Comparative Visualization

Album Information

Catalog #: D 101497
Barcode: D101497 (BMG Club)
Matrix: 101497D  9/93 1DA4

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)

Catalog #: RAW CD 130
Barcode: 602923013022
Matrix: RAWCD130 01

Download waveform (requires 7Zip to decompress)


This is a case of purchasing a non-remastered version of an album.  While there are some nice things about the remaster, with bonus tracks, extra artwork, and extra CD content, I have heard bad things about the mastering of the CDs.  This led me to seek out the originals.  The waveform speaks for itself.

My prior tests diminished my suspicions of CD club masters, and this test shows a club CD vs a retail remastered CD in a positive light.